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A-Z guide to resident services; choose from the following categories to find the answers to your questions.  
Home Occupations or Businesses
Each business classification or activity requires a Business Revenue Receipt as per the City Code of Ordinances, Sections 12-26 and 12-27, which require a receipt for the main (primary service) use, and the accessory (secondary services) uses conducted at their business establishment.

Business Review Fees are determined from the Fee Schedule. Community Development staff will review each classification listed on the application and calculate the fees accordingly. The Business Revenue Division may be reached at (954) 597-3537.

City ordinance also requires a safety inspection prior to an occupational license being issued for new businesses. This ensures that no previous work was done without permits, or that no unsafe conditions exist. To schedule an inspection, visit Permits & Inspections or call (954) 597-3420.

(Also see Inspections)

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1. Handicapped Parking/ Permit
2. Health Department (Broward County)
3. Hedges
4. Historical Society
5. Home Improvements / Renovations / Appliance Replacements
6. Home Occupations or Businesses
7. Homestead Exemption
8. Hospitals
9. Household Hazardous Waste Disposal
10. Housing Assistance
11. Humane Society
12. Hurricane Information