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A-Z guide to resident services; choose from the following categories to find the answers to your questions.  

The owner of the property abutting the swale or street is required by Code to maintain the landscaping (for example, hedges) and sidewalks. To obtain information about trees, the tree removal application process or to schedule a tree removal inspection, visit the Broward County Tree Preservation Program or call (954) 519-1483.

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1. Handicapped Parking/ Permit
2. Health Department (Broward County)
3. Hedges
4. Historical Society
5. Home Improvements / Renovations / Appliance Replacements
6. Home Occupations or Businesses
7. Homestead Exemption
8. Hospitals
9. Household Hazardous Waste Disposal
10. Housing Assistance
11. Humane Society
12. Hurricane Information