District 4 Digest Issue 5
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Hopefully everyone has survived the hurricane without too much damage.  Upon riding through each neighborhood it appears we have an abundance of tree and shrubbery damage.  Here is some helpful information to assist in your clean up.
On Monday, September 18th, the City contractor began picking up hurricane debris throughout the entire City, from each street in each community.  I cannot tell you exactly when your community will be scheduled, but I can tell you there will be two pick ups.
Please follow the FEMA guidelines for pick up.  All hurricane debris must be stacked in the swale in two separate piles as follows.
Yard Waste:  Residents DO NOT have to bag or cut trimmings into small pieces.  If you have bagged leaves in non see through bags, you can dispose of them with your regular trash pickup, as FEMA recently advised that no black bags can be collected with hurricane debris.  Again, yard waste debris should be stacked on the swale, not in the roadway. 
Hurricane Debris (damaged furniture, household items, roof tiles, wood, etc.): Stack in the swale area.  Debris should not be bagged
If you have tree limbs or branches on power line wires, please contact FPL.  They must address any issue with power lines. 
If your community is gated with private roads, please ensure your HOA has completed the release form and return it to Coleen Christie at Coleen.Christie@Tamarac.org.
All in all we survived the storm, thanks to neighbors helping neighbors.  Our City has shown, strength, goodness and caring.  Thank you to each and every one of you for all you have done.

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Recently, there has been an increase in vehicle break ins. It is vital that all cars be locked at all times.  Do not assume that because it is in your driveway your car is safe. Please don’t leave anything visible that will tempt thieves.
If you are going to lock something in your trunk, please do so before your destination, so you don't draw attention.
Ladies, please do not leave your handbags in the shopping cart unattended.  That is an invitation for disaster. Last week I was informed of several wallets being taken from handbags while shopping.  The scenario is the same, someone bumps into you on the opposite side of your handbag, while you turn to that side your wallet is taken from the other side.
Please be aware of your surroundings and trust your instincts!


The Woodmont project is progressing nicely.  There is grass growing on the defunct Pines Course and hopefully it will be ready for play shortly.

While Pulte Homes initially introduced six model homes, they recently proposed four additional models for a total of ten.  This will allow future residents more choices, and provide more variation within the community.

Another change proposed by Pulte is the site of the models.  The initial plan had the models located off Southgate Boulevard.  Upon review, they have decided it will be more viable to build the models off University Drive and 78th Street, which is identified as Pod F.

Chet and Marlene Solender
Photo Courtesy of Marlene and Chet Solender.


Our community is endowed with the most incredible, talented, accomplished residents with various backgrounds and experience. Let's celebrate them! Here are our first District 4 Stars!


What does a retired microbiologist and retired dentist do? They become entertainers, of course.

While meeting at a singles party, it was love at first sight for Marlene.  Fast forward, and they have been married for over 35 years.

Both always had a love of music, particularly Broadway.  Prior to entering the Navy, Chet, who plays piano, entertained the US Troops during WWII with his band. After enlisting, he joined the Navy Band.

Marlene has always been the song bird.  While enjoying a cruise they developed a retirement plan, the idea to showcase not only their talents, but their knowledge of composers. The dream became a reality with a program consisting of Gershwin, Rogers and Hammerstein, Rogers and Hart, and Cole Porter.  Chet tickled the ivories and Marlene sang and shared knowledge of each of the composers on over forty cruises.

That boiled over to on-land entertainment.  They traveled through Florida with their special styling.  They are regulars at Aston Gardens, where residents look forward to their show and sing and dance along.  Chet stated, “This is what it’s all about, making people
happy and being productive seniors”.

Just to show how serious they are about Broadway composers, their cat is named Gershwin and their dog, Porter.

That’s Entertainment – Thanks.
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