Taking Care of People

Not only does our Human Resources department make sure the City recruits and retains great employees, they also help keep them safe. HR employees ensured all staff members were accounted for after the storm and, when our regular workers comp physician’s office was closed due to a power outage, they were quick to find alternative providers in case anyone was injured on the job. They also facilitated communications between staff answering hurricane hotline calls and the other functional teams. Because they’re so great with people, they were the perfect department to conduct door-to-door outreach in areas without power and where there were reports of people in need.

Known as the fun department, Parks and Recreation offers a wide variety of programs and services that bring the community together and enhance the quality of life in Tamarac. During the storm, Parks and Rec employees put their hosting talents to good use, taking responsibility for planning staff meals and providing childcare for employees who needed it pre- and post-storm. The day following the storm, the department also made telephone contact with more than 180 residents on the Vulnerable Population Registry to check on wellness and determine any special needs.