Taking Care of Business

Not much happens in the City without the involvement of the Financial Services department. These employees helped with the procurement of hurricane supplies and services, answered hurricane-related questions from utilities customers, and made sure the City had access to needed funds for Hurricane Irma. They also manage the applications for FEMA reimbursements. And even in times of crisis, Financial Services makes sure payroll is processed, making them very popular with the other departments.

The City’s technology infrastructure is essential to its ability to provide services during emergencies like hurricanes. In addition to setting up the technology in the Emergency Operations Center, the IT Staff was on hand before, during and after the storm to ensure continuity of operations.

As Tamarac’s official record keeper, one of the many responsibilities of the City Clerk’s Office is the preparation of materials for Commission meetings. When Hurricane Irma struck, this busy department didn’t let it slow them down for long. Even before City Hall officially reopened, they came in to finalize materials so that the regularly scheduled Commission meeting could go on as scheduled - only three days post storm.