Elected and Appointed Officers and Non-Represented Employees Retirement Plan

Elected and appointed officials of the City, executive, managerial/professional and non-represented administrative employees employed by the City in a full-time capacity are required to participate in the plan. The City makes contributions to the Pension Fund in accordance with the requirements identified in the actuarial valuation, and participants are required to contribute 10% of their pay into the plan. Employees become fully vested when they have completed 5 years of continuous service. The Pension Plan provides benefits upon retirement, and includes provisions for disability benefits.

Board Members
Ricky Spencer, Chairman
James Twigger, Secretary
Michael Gresek
Greg Warner
Lerenzo Calhoun

General Information 

Division of Retirement Fact Sheet

Florida Municipal Pension Trust Fund Information

City of Tamarac Code of Ordinances, Chapter 16 - Pensions and Retirement, Article IX

FY2019 Disclosures 

Actuarial Valuation as of October 1, 2018

Florida Statutes Section 112.664 Required Reporting

Florida Statutes Section 112.664 Compliance Report (Rule 60T Report)

Audited Financial Statement