Report A Water Leak

If you want to report a water main leak or sewer blockage, please call (954) 597-3750. This line is monitored 24 hours per day. However, if we cannot answer your call, please leave a detailed message, and you will be contacted within 1 hour.

Water Leaks: In order to determine who is responsible for repairing a water leak, you must examine your water meter to determine whether the leak is on your side. If the small, red triangle on the face of the meter is spinning, the leak is on your side and it is your responsibility to have it repaired. If the red triangle on the face of the meter is not spinning, it is the City's responsibility to repair and you should notify us at (954) 597-3750. However, before calling, please check to make sure your irrigation system is not the cause of the leak.


Toilet Leaks: The City of Tamarac provides a free toilet leak detector kit with easy-to-follow instructions that you can pick up at our Customer Service Office at the Tamarac Community Center located at 8601 W. Commercial Boulevard.