Purchasing Code, Policies, & Procedures

The City of Tamarac purchasing process is governed by the Tamarac City Charter, Article VII –“Financial Procedures”, Section 7.15 “Commission Action; Public Bidding”; and the Tamarac City Code, Chapter 6 – “Finance and Taxation”, Article V, the “Tamarac Procurement Code”. Additionally there are several Florida Statutes that govern or impact local government purchasing requirements.

The City has also established internal Administrative Procedures for City employees involved in the purchasing process. Finally, the City has developed standard terms and conditions for purchase orders and solicitations.

The links shown below are included in an effort to provide a better understanding of the City of Tamarac purchasing process.

City of Tamarac Documents:

Tamarac City Charter Article VII -- Financial Procedures, Commission Action; Public Bidding

Tamarac Procurement Code

Administrative Purchasing Policy (96-06R)

Procurement Card Policy (98-10R)

Vendor Quality Assurance Policy (09-03)

Standard Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

Standard Terms and Conditions for Invitations for Bids*

Standard Terms and Conditions for Requests for Proposal*

Standard Terms and Conditions for Requests for Quotation*

*Note: Terms and Conditions for individual solicitations may vary slightly

Florida Statutes:

F.S. 287.055 – Consultants’ Competitive Negotiation Act (CCNA)

F.S. 287.017 – Purchasing Categories, Threshold Amounts

F.S. 255.0525 – Requirements for Public Works Projects

F.S. 255.20 – Requirements for Contracts for Electrical Work over $75,000

F.S. 218.391 – Auditor Selection Procedures

F.S. 713.01 – Performance and Payment Bond Requirements

F.S. 119 – Public Records