25-Year or Older Building Safety Program

Broward County Administrative Provisions of the Florida Building Code has a Building Safety Inspection Program for our area. The program has basic guidelines for minimum inspection procedures. Inspection procedures shall conform to the minimum inspection guidelines issued by the Broward County Board of Rules and Appeals (BORA) titled "General Considerations & Guidelines for Building Safety Inspections" which are included in the policy found here

In addition to policy rules, all buildings and structures shall be inspected when the building reaches twenty-five (25) years of age or older, based on the date the certificate of occupancy was issued, and as determined by the Building Official, who shall at such time issue a Notice of Required Inspection to the building owner or association. 

Subsequent building safety inspections shall be required at ten (10) year intervals from the year of the building or structure reached 25 years of age, regardless of when the previous inspection report was finalized or filed.   

PLEASE NOTE: Broward County Board of Rules and Appeals Policy #05-05 supersedes State of Florida Senate Bill 154

In late June 2023, BORA will be sending our three (3) lists that will have all the properties who are due for their Building Safety Inspection program. Properties included will be:

  • Properties that are due for their 50 year anniversary
  • Properties that are due for their 40 year anniversary
  • Properties that are due their anniversary between 25 years and 39 years

Documents Required: 

BSIP – Inspection Forms