Solid Waste Services

The City of Tamarac contracts with Waste Management of Florida, Inc. to provide all residential solid waste services including collection of household garbage, bulky waste, yard waste, and recycling.

The old manual collection of garbage cans and bags has given way to a modern semi-automated collection system utilizing carts and more energy efficient trucks. This combination of services provides more consistent service throughout the City while using cleaner running natural gas powered trucks.


The carts come in three sizes 95 gallon, 65 gallon, and 35 gallon.

Residents are able once per year to select the size of cart they want at no additional charge. However, if you are new to the City, or require a bigger cart due to a change in circumstances (added a family member) contact Waste Management or the City.

Questions or comments can be directed to Troy Gies, Budget and Contracts Manager at (954) 597-3750 or via email.

A few parts of the City were unable to accommodate the carts and, through special arrangement between the HOA’s and Waste Management, receive manual solid waste collection. In these areas, residents are limited to two garbage cans or bags, not to exceed 30 gallons. Residents in these areas must provide their own cans or bags; however there is no additional charge for the manual collection.

Holiday Schedule - Residents receive solid waste service Monday through Friday all year. The only exception is if your normal collection occurs on December 25, it will be picked up on the next regularly scheduled day.

Garbage and Recycling Carts should be placed curbside by 7:00 a.m. on the pick-up day or set out the night before. Carts not at curbside when the trucks service the area will not be picked up until the next scheduled day. Waste Management will only pick up garbage and recycling in the Waste Management carts and will not pick up extra bags on the ground or next to the can. In the event that a can is broken, lost, or stolen, residents should contact Waste Management for a replacement.

How to keep your carts clean. Residents are recommended to bag their garbage before placing it in the carts to prevent litter and keep their garbage carts clean. By bagging your garbage, your cart should only need to be rinsed out occasionally to keep it clean and odor-free.

Single Stream Recycling. By using the recycling carts, residents no longer need to sort recyclable materials; it all can go straight into the same cart. Do NOT use bags for your recycling. These can jam the machines used to sort the recyclable materials. It is recommended to simply rinse the containers to be recycled and place them directly in the cart.

Questions or comments can be directed to

Troy Gies, Budget and Contracts Manager at (954) 597-3750 or via email.