U-12 Games


Team #
Team Name
CoachWLTPointsRecord vs. Top 5

Division rankings are based on the following set of tiebreakers:

  1.  Total points

  2.  Head-to-head match-up

  3.  Record against the top five teams in the division

  4.  Coin Toss



The following is the schedule for the U-12 division. All games are played on the U-12 field.

 Games consist of four 13-minute quarters with a 2 minute water break between quarters 1 and 2 & quarters 3 and 4. The half time break will be 5 minutes in length.  Maximum of 11 players on the field at a time (minimum of seven).

Winning teams are in BOLD. A tie is represented by both teams in Italics.


Playoff Match ups will be determined at the conclusion of games on  and posted to the website.  The top 4 teams will compete in playoffs beginning March .  Winners of the playoffs games on March  will play on March . 

  1. Contact Us

    Will Vallejo
    Parks and Recreation

    8601 W. Commercial Blvd.
    Ph: (954) 597-3639

  2. Important Dates

    August 28th
    Registration Begins

    Player Evaluations(TBD)
    Tamarac Recreation Center(for new players only)

    Week of December 4th
    Practice Begins
    Tamarac Sports Complex

    January 6th
    Games Begin
    Tamarac Sports Complex

    Playoffs Begin(TBD)
    Tamarac Sports Complex

    Championship Games(TBD)

    Tamarac Sports Complex