U-8 Games


WLTPointsRecord vs.
Top 5

Division rankings are based on the following set of tiebreakers:

  1. Total points

  2. Head-to-head match-up

  3. Record against the top five teams in the division

  4.  Coin Flip



The following is the schedule for the U-8 division. All games are played on the U-8 fields.

 Games consist of four 11-minute quarters with a 2 minute water break between quarters 1 and 2 & quarters 3 and 4. The half time break will be 5 minutes in length.  Maximum of 8 players on the field at a time (minimum of six).

Winning teams are in BOLD.  A tie is represented by both teams in Italics.


Playoff Match ups will be determined at the conclusion of games on  and posted to the website.  All 4 teams will compete in playoffs beginning  Winners of playoffs on will play on