Emergency Management

Emergency Management Preparedness and Planning for Residents and Local Businesses:

As hurricane season approaches, there are key items that residents need to be prepared for. The most important thing you can do in preparation for hurricane season is to have a plan. Every resident and business should create a hurricane preparedness plan and share it with family members and employees. In order to create a comprehensive plan, we recommend the following:

  1. Know your exposure: It’s important to understand the risks associated with your community. Flood elevation, vulnerability, and the potential for power loss should all be considered.
  2. Identify important contacts: Your plan should include contact information for local, family members, staff out of state contacts, law enforcement, fire rescue, hospitals, schools, shelters, and utilities.
  3. Have supplies: Put together a basic supply kit. The most common items can become hard to come by before and after a disaster.
  4. Most Importantly Prepare: It is important to have a detailed preparation plan that it specific to your family, business and community. As a storm approaches, actions such as cutting back trees, clearing debris, securing common elements, and shuttering the windows of common facilities may need to be taken. Know exactly what each task is and when it needs to be completed.

The City of Tamarac is committed to assisting residents, business and communities prepare for the Hurricane Season. Please feel free to see the links provided in the following pages, should you have questions after reading through these documents please feel free to call 954-597-3800.