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ADA Grievance Procedures

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Find the City's ADA Compliance Information

City Holidays
Find out what days the city will be closed for various holidays throughout the upcoming year.

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View Tamarac property, utility, and building maps.

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Learn about the city's population base and how it remains a focal point for prime commercial and residential development.

Events and Meeting Calendar
Find out when various meetings and special events are taking place.

View various commonly asked questions.

Green Initiatives
Learn how the City of Tamarac is working toward a better planet through a series of green initiatives.

History of Tamarac
Learn about the City of Tamarac's beginnings and how it has grown into a booming vacation and economic hotspot over the years.


View recent new releases posted by the City of Tamarac and its various departments.

Learn about enrollment schedules, leadership roles, employment opportunities, and what our area schools are doing to improve local education.

Tamarac University

Tamarac At-A-Glance
Tamarac At-A-Glance is your guide to The City for Your Life. Now you can quickly access information regarding facilities, services and programs in Tamarac and Broward County. Click here to download your copy of the At-A-Glance guide.

Title VI/Nondiscrimination Policy

Check out the local forecast for the City of Tamarac.