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Special Workshop: Parks Master Plan
The City Commission will be discussing the proposed Tamarac Parks and Recreation Master Plan at a special workshop on Monday, March 2nd at 2 p.m. You can watch it streamed live on our website or attend the meeting at City Hall (Room 105).
Water Chlorination For Tamarac’s East Side
Residents of Tamarac’s east side (east of SR 7) please take note: the City will temporarily return to free chlorination in the drinking water system from Feb. 24 – Mar. 17. It’s a routine part of Tamarac’s water distribution maintenance program. Read on...
Latest Tam-A-Gram Now Online
In the Jan/Feb/March 2015 issue you’ll learn more about plans for a new fire station, a new option to finance home energy improvements and see what’s happening around the City. http://www.tamarac.org/Archive.aspx?ADID=155 Tam-A-Gram Online